Step into the realm of our pioneering MSM NFT collection, honoring the Miami Shoe Museums first acquisition in 2008: a distinguished black leather Cammeyer NYC bottom-up mans shoe from the 1920s. A digital creation by MSM Founder and Chief Curator Luis Valenzuela, this NFT merges digital innovation with timeless fashion, offering a historic gem bridging eras at the intersection of heritage and cutting-edge technology.





#1 MSMDigital

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This collection is a testament to the Miami Shoe Museums commitment to furthering its mission. By offering this NFT collection, we aim to raise essential funds supporting the MSMs core pillars: Collecting, Conserving, Researching, and Educating about footwear. These proceeds enable the preservation of footwears rich cultural legacy, the establishment of a virtual research center dedicated to footwear, and the development of immersive touring exhibitions and educational programs spotlighting the history and pivotal icons of Footwear Design. Your support drives us to safeguard this artistic heritage and share its profound significance with the world.